Available Spring 2021


Introducing the new PALM YACHTS range.

Powered by electric or hybrid propulsion and tailored to suit each customer, our range is a fusion of contemporary innovation and traditional qualities.


Coupled with our mantra of attention to detail, Palm Yachts offer sail and power yachts second to none.​

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Palm Yachts Electric & Hybrid System

The Palm Yachts offer both electric and Hybrid propulsion options system, developed exclusively for our vessels, offering a unique and environmentally friendly alternative to current sailing practices and offers owners/users the opportunity to have entirely emission-free boating. 

Hybrid propulsion and internal electrical system

Our unique hybrid system offers silent, vibration-free and emission-free propulsion.  In the Palm Yachts sailing range, it is entirely possible to cruise with a substantially reduced, or completely eliminated, use of fossil fuel propulsion or charging. 



When sailing the rotation of the propellers offers substantial recharging turning the electric motors into generators. This offers users unlimited, silent and emission-free regeneration while sailing.


Solar charging

As standard, a large bank of solar panels offers charging during sunlight hours.



Normally in virtually all vessels, air-conditioning is only available if a generator is running. This is noisy for guests/crew and for other vessels nearby and creates emissions. Our system offers enough stored capacity to run the air-conditioning without the need for a generator to be running, offering silent air-conditioning.


Shore charging

The Palm Yachts plug and play charging system offers a unique charging feature that enables users to plug into ANY shore power, worldwide, without concern for the supply (50hz/60hz, 30Amp/50Amp etc). 

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PALM YACHTS design and builds luxury catamarans that provide a high level of quality in every area, from styling to ergonomics. Clean, fresh and innovative thinking is inherent across our range, coupling contemporary interiors with elegant exteriors. 



‘Better by Design’ is our philosophy. By utilising new thinking and a clean new approach to build and design, PALM YACHTS is redefining luxury yachting. 

The PALM YACHTS range has been designed using the highest quality materials - to create a yacht that will last a lifetime - and which incorporates the desire for more living space, improved environmental considerations, and safety through design and performance. Hybrid propulsion is standard across the range, offering silent, vibration-free electrical propulsion along with traditional diesel direct drive.


Each PALM YACHTS catamaran is unique. Our design and build philosophy renders every yacht timeless and elegant whilst blending performance, comfort and luxury. All of our customers are offered a number of foundation styles that they can customise to suit their tastes. Layouts can be chosen and modified, and equipment can be changed, often at no extra cost.


All of our Yachts are tank-tested pre-delivery where equipment and systems are checked and commissioned before being delivered, by ship, to the owner’s port of choice.



The design team combines an array of experienced professionals in naval architecture and engineering, with exterior styling and interior design lead by a superyacht stylist. This enables us to create each yacht in the PALM range from a blank sheet concept all the way to the completion of the build, and delivery to the owner.


Using CAD 3D technologies for the engineering and interior design plans, Computational Fluid Dynamics (C.F.D.) and tank testing to calculate hydrodynamics, and structural calculations, completed by F.E.A: “Finite Elements Analysis,” enables us to obtain the most optimised structure. As such the engineering and systems are closely integrated in the vessel’s overall design with no interference with the activities of life on board.


Our engineers provide expertise in all the phases of a project, from design, through conception to manufacturing. They cover a broad range of studies such as the pre-design phase, general engineering, scantling and validation of strength under mechanical loadings, approval with classification companies, creation of drawings, manufacturing drawings, lamination drawings, and survey at the shipyard during building phases.


PALM YACHTS constantly strives to ensure that all products, infrastructure and processes meet standards and regulations in terms of quality, health and safety, environmental protection and social responsibility. All PALM YACHTS vessels adhere to these standards, and are certified by Bureau Veritas & CE, and are built to Category A Offshore Standards to ensure that your yacht is as safe and practical as possible and can be enjoyed for serious long-distance cruising when required.